Book Review: The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon

This month, we have a horror novel for Halloween. The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon is a lesser-known book by Stephen King, the modern master of horror. Love him or hate him, there’s no denying that his stamp on the genre is deep and broad. I personally love his style, so I was excited to […]


Joey missed her. He really did, though nobody seemed to think so. He didn’t really blame them. He didn’t emote like people expected. He didn’t cry at her funeral, or take time off of work or school. How could a teenager take the loss of his mother so well, they would ask. Did he not […]


Shallow words. They said everything you’d expect. All the customary platitudes flowed freely from their lying lips: We’re sorry for your loss, he was the kindest person I ever met, he was my friend for fifty years, and so forth. Fair enough, in some cases. The comments about his character bothered me the most. They […]