Book Review: Wicker’s Bog

I discovered Wicker’s Bog  by Mike Duran with a bit of digging on Amazon. I needed to find a new book to review, and I was short on time to read it, so this little novella seemed like an ideal dive into independent horror publishing. It’s a short little book, just 64 pages in length, but […]

Two Years of Learning and Loss

This piece is about a remarkable friend and teacher that I knew for one wonderful year from 2015 to 2016. It’s still hard for me to re-read these words, which were written in the immediate grief of his passing. It is published with permission from his wife, who is a wonderful woman and loved him […]

Trying Something Different…With Werewolves

Today’s post is a little bit different. I’m introducing Talking to the Moon, and experimental piece that I’ve been sitting on for a few months. I wrote this short little fable with a goal in mind: create a short backstory for a different spin in werewolves.  I created it for a group project that didn’t […]


When I was small, I liked to go out into yard and lie in the grass at night, looking into the crisp night sky and watching the stars. There were no cities where I lived – not as much as a street light. I was miles upon miles away from the nearest thing you’d call […]

Flash Fiction: “Missing”

I wrote this little flash fiction as a teaser for a cancelled project. What do you think? Every day, I go and look. They’re always still there. The snow crunched beneath my feet. I counted my steps, because it was the only thing keeping me calm. Every footfall and every heavy breath. Every snagging branch, […]