When I was small, I liked to go out into yard and lie in the grass at night, looking into the crisp night sky and watching the stars. There were no cities where I lived – not as much as a street light. I was miles upon miles away from the nearest thing you’d call […]

Flash Fiction: “Missing”

I wrote this little flash fiction as a teaser for a cancelled project. What do you think? Every day, I go and look. They’re always still there. The snow crunched beneath my feet. I counted my steps, because it was the only thing keeping me calm. Every footfall and every heavy breath. Every snagging branch, […]

Lights Over Atlanta

Last night, I dreamed of the mountains close to my home. It’s a jagged place, where the once mighty Appalachians recede to coasting hills and sweeping valleys. I spent my childhood days playing in these wooded hills, my shoes caked in red clay and my knees covered in scrapes and scratches. It was a good […]

Thirteen Alabama Ghosts and Jeffrey

As a child, I adored our school library. And every elementary school library in rural Alabama had a copy of 13 Alabama Ghosts and Jeffrey, by Kathryn Tucker Windham. Huddling around the librarian and listening to this charming collection of local ghost stories was a right of passage during my youth. Thirteen Alabama Ghosts is […]