Novel Blurb – Light Sleeper

You don’t have to be special to see ghosts. Liam Harper has spent his entire life telling people as much, but they still ask. They want to know if he can reach out to their loved ones and ask questions that the dead have left unanswered. Shy and humble, Liam usually declines.

When a police officer falls victim to a suspicious suicide, his widow asks Liam to reach out to her husband’s spirit. Against his better judgement, Liam agrees. He learns about the officer’s death, but he doesn’t realize that the being responsible has followed him home. In the following months, he suffers a haunting not only of his home, but his mind and body. As mental illness grips him ever tighter, the people in Liam’s life dismiss the monster as a figment of his increasingly broken imagination. Liam knows the truth: she’s real, and if he isn’t rid of her soon, they’ll destroy each other.