What does a soul look like? He often wondered as the walked aimlessly through the streets, eyes downcast  in a tireless but tiresome search. He’d dropped it somewhere, he was sure. 

At first, he barely missed it. His chest felt a bit empty, but that could have been any number of things. Maybe he was ill, or just bored. As the days and weeks crawled, he noticed that his thoughts were a little slower and he’d lost interest in what once brought him scraps of joy. 

I dropped it, he thought. Somewhere along the way, it must have slipped out of my pocket. 

But when?

He hadn’t lost his job

He hadn’t lost his partner

Nothing had gone wrong.

So where had it gone, and how would he know when he saw it?

Maybe it was bright and shiny, like a gemstone. It could have been a translucent pool, like a drop of water. It could have been anything. So how would he know when he found it?

Every day, he walked in search of it. He kept looking.

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