The Wind Has Teeth

“Run!” my mother screamed, “It’s coming!”

The gnashing wind nearly consumed her voice. My father said something too, but it was lost in the monster’s howl. The terrible sound rushed upon us, gnawing at our backs as we ran over the plump spring grass.

A stinging cloud of gnats and dust barraged my face. I tried to shield myself with my hands, but that couldn’t save me from the thick, sultry southern air. It filled my lungs like water, and the howl? It was scary. So scary, that I could do nothing by freeze and cry.

My dad turned around. He bent down and clutched me to his chest , and we fled the monster together. My field of vision bounced as his feet pounded the moist earth. The shelter was there. So close.

He pressed the side of my face with one hand. “Don’t look baby.”

But I wanted to see the monster. Like Lot’s wife, I disobeyed. As mom fumbled with the shelter’s key, I raised my head and looked.

As I peered over my father’s shoulder, the monster struck. It snatched the house away. The remains vanished in the swirling winds, and only a black sky remained.

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