Introduction to ‘Appalachia’.

If you’ve been hanging out with me, you know that I just can’t seem to get Alabama out of my system. Remember when I threatened to turn my childhood into a horror story about demon? Well, it’s arrived. At least partially.

As a working title, I call it ‘Appalachia’.  Put simply, it details an outbreak of demon sightings in a small town in northeast Alabama. I won’t lie – I was thinking of my home town when I started it, too. Not that we had flesh and blood demons, but demons and ideology and morality stalked us freely.

I wrote a number of ‘Appalachia’ shorts for my Camp Nanowrimo project for the month of April, and they’ve been sort of sitting around ever since. Two things are certain: I don’t plan to seek traditional publication for this series, and I’m going to take it in a slightly different direction than the initial pile of shorts. With that said, I don’t want to waste what I’ve got. I decided to post the first one here as a bit of a teaser.  The final product might be different, but I haven’t shared a story with you guys in a while.

You can find the story here. I encourage you to check it out. 

Did you like the preliminary installment of “Appalachia’? Are you curious to see what it could become? Did you hate it? Let me know, cause I don’t want to let this one go.

Besides, Halloween is coming.

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