I hate how predators are depicted in movies. Especially big ones. Dinosaurs, dragons, leviathans. Things that are huge and dangerous. The kinds of things that make you quiver when they come on screen.

It isn’t that I don’t like dinosaurs, dragons, or leviathans. It’s just one thing that I mind.

You know the scene where the monster is about to kill someone, and somebody distracts it? They throw a rock or shout or something, and the monster turns around. Then the monster chases that person, leaving the original victim safe.

I hate that scene. Animals don’t act like that. No animal will leave a sure kill to chase something else down.

That’s what happened to us. I still remember that thing looking at me, so casual. Ignoring my screams. It growled, it turned its back on me, and it went back to its meal.

Eventually, I realized I had to give up and leave him.

I’m sorry.

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