I wrote this little flash fiction as a teaser for a cancelled project. What do you think?


Every day, I go and look. They’re always still there.

The snow crunched beneath my feet. I counted my steps, because it was the only thing keeping me calm. Every footfall and every heavy breath. Every snagging branch, every singing bird. My mind fluttered from one to another, locked in a maddening search for order.

I didn’t care, because it gave me something to think about. I didn’t want to think about the flyers. But I knew they’d be there.

And they were. They were fixed to every tree. They were all the same. “Missing”, they said, all bearing my face.

Missing. But I’m not missing.

I’ve told my friends and family. It’s a prank, they say. But I don’t believe it.

I think something is coming for me.

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