Honoring Local Writers…And a Book Review!

For my first book review, I’ve chosen a debut novel by a local Massachusetts author. It’s romance – not my thing. But I like to dip my toes into strange waters from time to time.

More importantly, I wanted to support a local writer. I admire the author, and she’s very active and supportive in the community. She wants to see other writers succeed. That, I believe, is the kind of community that aspiring authors need.

Look around your own area. Chances are, it’s rich with local writers who need a platform.  Many of them struggle to find it. Potential readers are often wary, and  understand the hesitation; Many people prefer trusted writers, or debuting novelists who are backed by big publishing houses. Those are great, but there may be some gems in your own backyard.

I read Modern Persuasion in two sittings. The majority was read on a two hours plane trip, and the last few chapters were read while snuggling on a soft couch just a few hours later. It was a mere three hours of my life, forged from countless hours of the author’s labor.

That’s the reality of novels – profound effort to produce a relatively fleeting form of entertainment, but still something that can latch on to the heart. I breezed through this book, but like many books I’ve read, something from it stayed with me. I’m proud to know that my local area is producing solid debut novels. It encourages me to keep working. I want to join them.

I encourage you to check out my review of Modern Persuasion and consider supporting the author.



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