Why Blog?

That’s a good question. Who cares what an unpublished writer has to say about writing?

That’s the thing, really. Not every skilled writer ever reaches popular or critical success. There are competent writers who are passed over because their work isn’t quite right for that year’s market, or because they chose the wrong genre or submitted to the wrong publisher.

Yet unpublished writers often struggle in online platforms. So the question remains: why read the blog of an unpublished author?

I don’t think it’s really a question of skill. It’s more about validation. Publication, in whatever form, shows that the writer is worthy of someone’s time. Either they’d been chosen by a publisher, or they’ve put forth the time and energy to publish themselves. They’re deeply invested in the process of writing. They follow through on projects. They’re successful, so maybe a reader’s time won’t be wasted.

That’s great! And honestly, a big part of me agrees.

Lots of new writers feel pressured to get into blogging. They’re told that it’s the best way to drum up support for their projects while they’re still being completed.  I don’t know how true that is. Like most hearsay in the writing world, I imagine it’s true for some and not for others. But I know that aspiring writers are often told that they better get in on it.

So, let me try again to answer that question. Let’s reframe it a little bit first. Why should you care what I have to say about writing?

The answer is simple. I don’t expect you to, because that’s not what I’m here to do. I hold no illusions of mastery. A writing teacher and beloved friend once told me that all good writers face a ten year apprenticeship before their true writing voice begins to take shape. As an aspiring novelist, I still feel like my voice is growing, but I also feel like it’s getting stronger.

I don’t want to tell people my thoughts on writing. I want to share my experiences as I grow. I think many new writers wait for a magic threshold, a band of light separating them from the shadows of amateurism and ushering them into the clean, polished world of professional writing. All writers know that we never stop learning, but many still hope to find a single, satisfying moment where they find themselves “good enough”.

I’m not starting this blog because I feel “good enough”. I never will be. None of us are. This blog exists because I want to keep growing, and if possible, I’d like to grow with you.

Why not? You’re already here, aren’t you?


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